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NEMO Membership Policy

You acknowledge that this Membership Policy is part of the NEMO Membership Agreement, and by joining NEMO, you agree to be bound by all of its terms and conditions. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not complete the membership registration form. NEMO has the right to remove your membership and access to the site at any time, with or without warning, should you violate these guidelines.

About NEMO
NEMO (Non-Engineering Mentor Organization) was formed in 2004 by three mentors from opposite sides of the United States who had been sharing suggestions and ideas via e-mail. They realized that other FIRST team mentors could benefit from an exchange of ideas.

NEMO is open to adult mentors, including technical mentors, teachers, parents and college students (who may be the only mentors on their teams) who are involved with all the non-engineering aspects of the FIRST robotics programs. NEMO is an information exchange and support group for those mentors who help with all the behind-the-scene glue that hold the teams together including mentor recruitment and retention, travel (hotels, endless meals), parent involvement, fundraising, business plans, public relations, community service, team building and dealing with the FIRST logistics. We hope to seek out all the NEMs who don't realize they are part of a large community.

The primary goals of NEMO are to provide a base of resources to help teams, to provide networking opportunities for adult mentors, and to provide an avenue for mentors to ask questions to their peers in a professional and confidential environment.

NEMO is branded.

  • Other organizations, now or in the future, may not use the words "NEMO or NEM or non-engineering mentor" if they are not part of NEMO and abide by NEMO's tenets.


  • Although meetings are grassroots and facilitated by volunteers, certain guidelines need to be followed in order to be considered a NEMO meeting. Contact the fo-founders for guidelines for facilitating a NEMO meeting.
  • The collection of names and contacts under the umbrella of NEMO is not mandatory and taking attendance is optional at NEMO meetings. Those adult mentors attending NEMO meetings are free to submit as much or as little contact information as they wish.
  • Be sure to let the co-founders of NEMO know of any upcoming NEMO meetings that you are facilitating; we will post them to the NEMO website as well as on our calendar of off-season events, and to the NEMO forums.


  • NEMO does not charge dues at this time.
  • NEMO is a peer group consisting of adult mentors.
  • No students are admitted as members of NEMO, nor may they join the forums and they should not be attending NEMO-branded meetings.
  • NEMO members have the option of joining a private online forum on www.chiefdelphi.com.
  • Surveys may not be done nor information about NEMO members collected under the auspices of NEMO without written permission of the director or co-founder(s).
  • NEMO maintains a confidential database of registered NEMO members. Members may ask to be removed from the database at any time.

White Papers & Website

  • We encourage mentors to gather suggestions and tips from other members of NEMO on specific topics and "best practices" and compile them into resource papers called "white papers."
    • Please review the papers already published if a paper already exists on a topic and you would like to update it contact the co-founders.
    • You may post the topic and request input from other mentors on the private NEMO forums located on www.chiefdelphi.com
  • All contributors will be acknowledged at the top of the paper unless they request not to be included.
  • The paper will be submitted to the co-founders for review.
    • The paper will be reformatted by the co-founders if necessary for consistency.
    • The NEMO logo will be added to the header.
  • NEMO white papers will be published to the NEMO website (www.firstnemo.org) and linked from the Resources page.
  • NEMO-branded white papers should not be published to www.chiefdelphi.com because we cannot make edits easily to those papers if needed.

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