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About NEMO

NEMO (Non-Engineering Mentor Organization) was formed in 2004 by three mentors from opposite sides of the United States who had been sharing suggestions and ideas via e-mail. They realized that other FIRST team mentors could benefit from an exchange of ideas.

NEMO will be open to adult mentors, including engineers, teachers and college students (who may be the only mentors on their teams) who are involved with all the non-engineering aspects of the FIRST Robotics programs. It is mainly a support group and information exchange for those mentors who help with all the behind-the-scene glue that hold the teams together including mentor recruitment and retention, travel (hotels, endless meals), parent involvement, fundraising, business plans, public relations, community service, dealing with the FIRST logistics. We hope to seek out all the NEMs who don't realize they are part of a large community.

Our Focus : Friendship, Communication, Cooperation, and Professionalism.

This is a place for fostering friendships between mentors.
This is a place for "professional/adult" discussions of various aspects and "crisis of the moment" of the FIRST program, considering the "big picture" of the program.
This is a place for mentors to have "chatter" with their peers.
This is a place for providing and requesting support and advice for fellow NEMs.
This is a place for cooperation between mentors to expand the success of the FIRST experience.


A Supporting Organization of FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology)
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